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The next step in this area of the center will be the creation or purchase of a student size LEGO Table. Our students need a great spot to express their creativity and abilities to work as members of a team.


Our fish and corals continue to grow. 

Building the SEL Center

In the Social & Emotional Learning Center at Center, we implement research based activities and programs that lead to positive outcomes for students and staff.

Students need to know how to manage negative behaviors, be calm and focused, follow directions, and establish and maintain positive relationships with peers. Individuals with strong social emotional skills are better able to cope with everyday challenges and benefit academically, professionally, and socially.

Our SEL Center includes a ninety gallon aquarium complete with corals and tropical fish, a LEGO center, themed tree and more.

Our SEL Team is a steering committee made up of students, parents, aides, counselors, teachers, Judge Theresa Dellick, Alta Representatives and the Mahoning County Juvenile Court's David Porch.  The following are some possible ideas for the future that they brainstormed at a recent planning session: 

  • Diverse Guest Speakers

  • Team Building Activities

  • “See My Feelings’ Wall/Mirror

  • Exercise/Yoga/Pilates

  • Goal Wall

  • Mentoring Programs

  • Social Stories

  • Service Projects

  • Reading Area

  • Puzzles

  • Help or Question Box

  • Photo Booth

  • Chill Corner

  • Aquatics Program

We have received many generous donations so far. If you, someone you know or a local business is interested in making a donation to the Social Emotional Center at Center, please contact Principal Masucci at Checks can be made out to the Boardman Center Intermiate SEL.